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MIG exists to serve the Memphis-area real estate investment community. Our mission is to provide our members the education, training, motivation and networking opportunities that will further the ethical investment in real estate.


If you think the price of education is expensive consider the cost of ignorance.

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Presenting Yourself Financially

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Presenting Yourself Financially
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Get This Tool In Your Investor's Toolbox
By Kevin Perk
Posted on 9/4/2013 9:41 PM

Have you ever looked at the Shelby County Register’s website?  It is a great resource for us real estate investors and the price is right.  It is free!  For me the register’s website is one of those bookmarked websites that I have tabbed right at the top of my browser because I use it all of the time.


First of all, who is the Shelby County Register and what do they do?   The current register is Tom Leatherwood.  He is an elected official that serves a four year term.  His job is to run the office that records all public records.  You may have heard him referred to as the Register of Deeds.  His office records things like the deed to your property, mortgage documents, plats of your lot and a host of other information including business charters, liens and foreclosure documents.


All of these documents, going all the way back to the formation of Shelby County in 1819, are searchable and downloadable on the Register’s website.  Want to know if there are any federal tax liens on a property you are thinking of buying?  You can search for that.  Want to know if there is a mortgage on the property?  You can search for that as well.  Want to know how much the current owner paid for the property?  That info is there as well.


You can begin to see why this website is such a great resource to us real estate investors here in Memphis and Shelby County, especially since data like this in every other county in the state and surrounding states is only available with a paid subscription!  Ours is free!


Joe Kirkland of Tri-State Title and Escrow, Attorney and MIG Sponsor will be doing an early bird table top session on navigating the Register’s website at our next meeting on May 9th.  Joe does title searches for a living and uses the Register’s site frequently.  He will show you all of the little tricks he uses to find the information you need.  Folks, I can’t stress how valuable of a resource this could be to your investing career.  So come on out and join us on the 9th at 6 PM to add this powerful tool to your investor toolbox.